Unit 9 Assignment

Unit 9 Assignment
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
? Discuss what effect the Wagner and the Taft- Hartley Acts had on labor management
? Describe the union organizing process
? Identify the steps in the collective bargaining process
Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:
? HA530-5: Assess collaboration strategies involving employee and labor relations.
View the video Understanding Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining below. In this
video, At the time of this interview on “CEO Exchange”, Don Carty was CEO of American
Airlines. In this clip he expresses the frustration that many executives in a union
environment face, labor costs. This video was prior to Carty’s being fired from his position at
American Airlines for announcing executive retention bonuses within hours of convincing
union members to wage and benefit concessions in order to save the airline from
bankruptcy. Carty currently serves as CEO of Dell, Inc.
? Please be sure to include the answers to the following questions. The
minimum words for the Assignment is 800 words.
o If Mr. Carty’s comments on labor costs being part of a cost structure that is
higher than revenue are part of American Airlines positioning before contract
negotiations, what other preparations is the company probably taking prior to
the negotiation process?
? Mr. Carty mentions involvement of the federal government in labor relations. What
government agencies could he possibly be referring to?
? What type of response to Mr. Carty’s comments would you expect from the unions
that represent American Airlines employees?

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