Unit 2

Unit 2
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Marketing Plan This week you will continue your comprehensive marketing plan researching the SAME company that you researched in Unit I. You will research the various elements of the marketing plan as it relates to this company. In Unit II you will present the Target Market and a SWOT Analysis.
Target Market Begin by discussing segmentation of the market based upon demographic, behavioral, geographic, and psychographic criteria. Apply these criteria to your company, explaining their importance to the company. This analysis will enable you to identify the target market(s) thoroughly. Within your explanation, discuss why the identification of a target market is of the utmost importance to a company.
SWOT Analysis Perform a SWOT analysis for your company remembering that the strengths and weaknesses are internal and the opportunities and threats are external. Set this up using a table and/or bullet points with clear explanation following the chart.
Include the use of subheadings (consider using Target Market and SWOT Analysis). I will attach the subject and the paper from last week for the company of coca cola

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