Understanding of remote sensing/GIS

Requires an understanding of remote sensing/GIS and associated software, such as ArcGIS and ENVI. Link provided below connects to folder containing AVIRIS-NG reflectance data, a reference vegetation raster map, and reference journal articles, in addition to a list of topics covered in the course. Please use this data to create an original research project about vegetation mapping in the context of the vulnerability of arctic ecosystems to climate change/global warming. Project instructions attached.


Comments from Customer
As far as additional details: Software used for processing the data is writer’s choice, e.g., ENVI, Erdas Imagine, etc. The project should be to use the reference vegetation map (CAVM) to create a land cover map of selected subsets of the AVIRIS-NG flightline imagery (the entire image would take too long to process) and use that land cover map as a baseline to assess stress in different vegetation types. Changes to this framework can be made in the interest of time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for clarification.

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