Understanding Nutrition

Part 1. You have an option on this part of the discussion. Choose one organ, digestive gland, or digestive secretion (hormone or enzyme, etc.) and discuss in detail how it contributes to the digestive process. Include in the discussion how it works, what it does and what foods or nutrients it helps digest.OR:
Discuss one of the roles of carbohydrates in the human body. Explain how carbohydrates work to perform the role you are discussing and why it is important. Respond to posts that are different than your own.

Part 2: Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation.

Calculate your personal one day intake for one of the types of Carbohydrates. For example, Sugars, Starches or Fiber (use the food label or Appendix H of your text to help you with the calculations). Consider your results and how that intake compares to the amount recommended from your studies. Reflect on your evaluation. (Note: you do not need to report your actual intake on the discussion board, only your reflections.)
According to media and many health professionals, diabetes is becoming epidemic in the United States. Consider someone you know (but DO NOT use names or identifying information) that has diabetes, pre-diabetes or whom you believe is at high risk for developing diabetes (you can use yourself just don’t identify the source of the info). Apply the science that you’ve learned, discuss the physiology of the problem and the potential benefits of improved nutrition on the diabetic condition. Explain your reasoning using the science.
Cite your sources and provide your references.

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