U.S War veteran

U.S War veteran

Power point Presentation

Is society living up to its responsibility of maintaining its military personnel after active
service? What if anything, does society owe our veterans?
• Research to be presented in a PowerPoint format, and should include:
a) Brief history of how our military is cared for?
b) What departments are responsible for soldiers after their service ends?
c) Size of the budget for Veteran Affairs?
d) Soldier’s personal story; motivation/purpose for joining the military.
e) Build a case for or against whether joining military service is a political act.
f) Determine whether an American citizen/resident should be obliged to provide military service
to his/her country.
Methodology: Interview Process
1. Interviews military personnel from three periods;
a) World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq war.
b) One or two military persons can presently be active military personnel.
c) Interview persons from Army, Navy, Air Force, as well as different ranks.
You may consider the following areas and questions to be explored;
• Capturmg the personal story of the soldier. Personal details: name, gender, age, rank, how long
served, etc. Why did he/she enlist? Was he/she drafted?
• What did he/she understand to be the reasons for engaging that particular war?
• Personal political position on the war before and after. Was the war justified?
• What were some of the sacrifices the individual had to make?
• How has the experience changed his/her life? Socially? Family? Politically?
• Does he/she feel that the nation is doing enough for him/her?
At least one of the persons interviewed must be a female.
• Determine whether the female military experience is significantly different from the male military
• Investigate what some of the obstacles were: career opportunities, physical barriers, race, gender,
policies which they feel were discrimiDatory.
• Is their treatment after active service different?
2.  conduct interviews and write up your summaries as part of the final project.
Emphasis to be placed on objectively presenting the soldiers’ views as well as your views and


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