, two poems about ″love″ or two poems about ″sports″ or two poems about ″anger


, two poems about ″love″ or two poems about ″sports″ or two poems about ″anger.″


Once you have selected the two poems, you must then answer the questions below for both of the poems. There should be four paragraphs for one of the poems, and four
paragraphs for the second poem. Total eight paragraphs. 1. The type of poem, i.e. narrative, lyrical, eulogy (Reference lines specifically to show why you believe the
poem is such a type.) 2. The theme of the poem and how the theme was developed, i.e. using irony, images, personification? (What lines show the irony, images, etc.?)
3. What type of diction is used in the poem? Are the words formal or informal? (Reference lines to show formal and/or informal words.) 4. What type of rhyme scheme or
rhythm is evident in the poem? (Show lines that illustrate the rhyme and or rhythm.) 5. Once you have completed your paragraphs,
select a picture to represent the poems. The answer for each question should be at least one paragraph in length. You should reference specific lines to show what you
mean when answering the question(s) When assignment is completed, there should be at least eight paragraphs. Assignment Guidelines: Must use MLA documentation. (Please
review MLA) Must include lines from the poems to serve as evidence. You are ″explaining″ the poem to the reader.

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