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So our professor asked us to pitch a TV show idea for the class and a few judges as if they were a TV network. So we thought that since Sci-fi/Fiction/Superheroy stuff is taking over and is a trend these days, we would come up with a TV show called Ms. Marvel, who is already a comic book character, her name is Kamala Khan, who is a Pakistani Muslim American superhero with shapeshifting abilities.
It both supports the scifi part, and is original because u rarely see a superhero associated with muslims or someone who is non-american. I have attached a paper with the tv show, and i’ve also attached a couple of class readings so you can reference the assignment to the readings.
Below is the assignment:

It should be a project statement that explains the decisions you made while creating your show and contextualizes your decisions within the films and videos we viewed and the readings and class discussions. there should be a 200-ish word opening that introduces the show, followed by 1000-1500 words that answer the following questions:

~how does your show…

-engage with existing gender tropes?
-engage with the representation of race/ethnicity?
-engage with the representation of sexuality?
-engage with the representation of class?
-fit into the existing television landscape?
-how do you, as creators and writers, respond to the the demands of convergence culture?

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