Trend Analysis Paper

Trend Analysis Paper

This analytical study will address the general societal concerns regarding the influences of WEB and internet technologies on our daily lives. The introduction of

your paper will identify the concerns as you have analyzed them from the most significant to the least significant. The body of your paper will provide your detailed

analysis of the issues; potential resolutions and your projection as to the future status of the issue. That is, do you believe that the issue will be quickly resolved

and fade away; linger on as an issue without any foreseeable solution; or do you believe that the issue will become more acute requiring greater attention. You must

offer a rationale for your opinions. Feel free to reference the articles or any other source in your analysis. Lastly, your conclusion should summarize the issues for

this period of time. Offer your insights as to whether this period (Sept-Nov) represents a typical level of concern; an increasing level of concern or a decreasing

level of concern. Explain why?

The success of your analysis is dependent on the thoroughness of your data collection. You will collect the data from the popular press such as a variety of

newspapers, popular magazines and popular media sites. You are welcome to use hard copy data or on-line versions. Example: you can use a paper copy of the New York

Times or an electronic version. Please note, you must collect your data at regular intervals i. e. at least three times a week. Print (electronic sources) or cut-out

(paper sources) the articles as you find them.

Analytical thinking is of a higher order cognitive function. It requires you to critically examine and synthesize data; determine patterns; develop original and

logical conclusions; predict likely outcomes and defend your views.


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