traumatic brain injury

traumatic brain injury

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T Meet, Greet and Chat Area 12 14 Danniele
Please introduce yourselves here, let people know where you work and your H””‘°’
speciality area. This area is also available to chat and network with fellow Mar 17
students. at 11 :51
Assessment 3 3
Unlocked: Monday, 5 May, 2014 08:00 AEST – Monday, 26 May, 2014 23:59 AEST.
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Qugstioya 13 19 T Shani T
The management of patients who are experiencing post traumatic amnesia a ~ B°”‘°’
can be difficult, discuss the underlying pathophysiology relating this to the F”‘ at
key interventions that can be utilised to aid the recovery of patient’s 20:51
Question@ 15 20 (19) Kirstin
Outline the key interventions that can be utilised to reduce the risk of S’‘’‘’””
secondary injury following a TBI, remember to relate this to your applied 501‘ 31‘
anatomylphysiology and pathophysiology. 19:16
Quest 8 11 snzm
Intercollab ve practice is importance to ensure that patients receive the D’°”‘°”
best care available and appropriate referral to services, examine the role of wsterda
both multidisciplinary team members and external providers in supporting yat
individuals following a TBI, use specific TBI examples to support your work. 14,. 35

K V Question ’/ / / 3 14 Philippa
Drawing on ‘A r experience in practice discusses legal, moral and ethical B”””””’ T
challenges that are ofien faced when nursing patients that have experienced yesterda
a severe TBI. yat
£7 Question 5 9 12 Sarah
Analyses the national and international literature on decompressive “‘3°”””‘
craniotomies post TBI and propose some decision making guidelines for your A yesberda
workplace. y at
Q; ~ 00:49
g ‘Q
Questio 1 U 24 sent:
The man – of patients who are experiencing sym‘%:l’1etic storming can _ 3/‘ U‘’’”‘’”
be difficult, discuss the underlying pathophysiology relating this to the key « resterda
R interventions that can be utilised to aid the recovery of patients. ( yat
U ‘ 4 f V W 02:48
I QllESti 8 12 Ndaizive V
Outline the ntial interventions and supportive services that may be
required when an infant is suspected of acquiring a TB! whilst in the care of M-Ifhvth
an adult; remember to integrate the m w. u 19/05/2014

Discussions List – CNA535 Neuroscience Nursing 1 Page 3 of 2
Topic Threads Posts Last Post
Questioii@ 8 15 (14) sheila
Assess the key interventions and management strategies that aid in reducing P°'””°’
raised intracraniai pressure post a TBI. F” 0′
Question g 7 12 (12) Annie
Looking through the lens of a parent discuss the importance of nursing 5”“
communication when caring for a child/young adult who has experienced a resterda
TBI, utilise case examples to support your work. y at
1 Ch
is discussion i focused on the care of patients following a traumatic brain injury

a ask review the modul and t /discussio tatem » /forums. You are t_ complete eight

discussion entries across a__t_l» . ‘ diffscus ‘ -‘ – ms and at leasour eight
(S discussion entries should the pgsition ofa o rother
students. Scholarly referen ~- ” ust be i a . = ~-‘ wher . propriate in both your postings and in
V you summary. When respond g to entries posed by others in your group, you should create new
threads of discussion. You shuld respond to the questions raised by others within the
discussions, inviting and enco raging scholarly debate.

-D-“erience is to be sum arised into a 500 word reflective paper that is focused on exploring
your experiences during the d cussions. the outcomes of your learning. future directions, how you
might apply this learning in yo r practice and reflections upon the literature and/or questions
asked by fellow students. A : h to this document as appendices four of what you feel are

k . your best discussion entrie . Submit your summary paper (including discussion entries) into the
1 assignment drop box in MyLO by the due date.

Demonstrates acc racy in knowledge related to the topic choices by:
0 Critically an ysing anatomy, pathophysiology. diagnostic, management,
treatment a d supportive care options.
Exploring th implications of national and intemational literature for
neuroscien nursin. ractice and standards of care.
‘J Demonstrates criti al analysis and reflective qualities by:
o Critically an ysing and reflecting on the key learning outcomes.
Supporting c ‘tical analysis and reflective practice with evidence (both
experiential nd literature based).
Communicates eff ctively within a group setting by:
c Completes a d participating in the activity in a timely manner.
a Completing = ight discussion entries in at least six different discussion
0 Completing ur discussion entries that respond to. elaborate or
challenge th~ position of another/other students.
Communicates in ademic Writing by:
0 Writing clea i in an academic style.
0 Utilising corrct English conventions (spelling. punctuation and
o Utilising Ha ard referencing system
c Adherin to resentation reuirements and word limit.


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