Transforming of Olympic Games

Transforming of Olympic Games

Project description
Transforming the Olympic Games.

Understand and explain the historical patterns and processes underlying the development of modern sport.
Appraise the impact of contemporary issues on sporting provision and participation.

– Describe three key ways in which the Modern Olympic Games have changed since their inception in 1896.
– Explain how one area of change has affected the Games
– Discuss whether this change has been beneficial or not to the Games

– Section 1 ? here you need to give an overview of the nature of the three areas of change, describing how the Games were in the late 1800s/early 1900s and contrasting this with the Games in the early part of the 21st Century.
– Section 2 ? focussing on one of your three areas described in section 1, show how this change has altered the nature of the Games (e.g. scale, organisation, funding and presentation) since the end of the 19th Century.
– Section 3 ? drawing on the views of different academic sources, produce an analysis as to whether the change explained in section 2 has had a positive or negative impact on the Olympic Games. This might relate to aspects such as founding ideology, status, reputation or any other topic you can research.
– You must support what you say in each section with specific facts/figures/ examples from academic sources that demonstrate change took place over time and the effect of that change on the profile and importance of the Olympic Games.
– To achieve an average grade you should be making good use of an absolute minimum of 10 academic referenced sources (text books and journals).

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