Training Program Design

Training Program Design

This assignment is designed to give you experience in working through the complete design of an employee training program for a group of approximately five to 25 employees in an organization/agency of your choice, from the initial performance problem identification phase, to the performance analysis stage, through the training intervention selection and implementation stage, and finally, to the evaluation stage.

This assignment will include:
An introduction and statement of the employee performance problem;
Relevant literature and its implications for your study;
An overview of your needs assessment approach;
A rationale for your data collection method(s);
The results of your needs assessment;
A description of, and rationale for, the training program you designed;
An outline of how you did (or would) implement the training program;
And a description of how you plan to evaluate or monitor how well the training program achieved its objectives.

Assignment Parameters:  The organization or agency need not be identified by name; if you choose, an organization/agency pseudonym may be used. The paper should be 15 to 20 pages in length including references and any appendices and excluding the required standard cover page. The paper must conform to APA (sixth edition) format requirements. The paper should include a minimum of 11 references to books, journal articles, or other published research within the past 5 years.

NO Wikipedia, blogs and wikis. Also, NO PLAGIARISM. This paper will be scanned through

Rubric for Major Assignment 3:

Paper is well organized and complete    _____/5
Training program design is logical/concise    _____/3
References reflect linkage to the literature    _____/3
Needs assessment demonstrates linkage to
course readings and discussions     _____/3
Training program design demonstrates appropriate
application of adult learning theories to practice    _____/5
Implementation plan is appropriate to training design    _____/2
Evaluation plan is appropriate to training design    _____/2
Paper adheres to APA and FSE format    _____/2
TOTAL:        20

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