Tourism Assign: ment-Essay

TopicTourism Assign: ment-Essay

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Assignment- Essay
1,500 Words
The economic, sociocultural and/or environmental benefits that tourism can achieve for the host community far outweigh any negative impacts brought about by tourism.
Critically discuss this statement.
In your discussion you need to use a minimum of two current issues (positive and/or negative) and use examples from at least two countries of the Pacific Asia region.
You will need to discuss the benefits and impacts of at least two issues of your choice. You may also compare and contrast how these issues play out in different
geographic contexts. These could be, for example, economic benefits versus costs, environmental benefits versus costs, and sociocultural benefits versus costs. Try to
explain why there are different outcomes in your different case studies and how these may be best managed. As far as possible please use specific, concrete examples to
demonstrate your argument(s). You are encouraged to use visual devices such as figures and tables.

Marking criteria
Your essay will be graded according to the following criteria:
• evaluates a minimum of two current impact issues (positive and/or negative) using at least two countries from the Pacific Asia region
• evidence of engagement with relevant theory and academic literature
• clear essay structure: introduction, body with paragraphs and conclusion (do not use headings)
• innovative use of visual devices (e.g. maps, figures, and tables)
• clear and concise expression
• consistent in-text referencing and reference list.

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