Torrens Transits;

Torrens Transits;

Assessment #1 – Report stage 1: PowerPoint presentation (Graded)

In this course,Assignments 1,2 and 3 are steps in a

dev eloping case. Each assignment contributes towards

the next ste In this set orassignments you are asked to adopt the role of HR

managerwho is required to design the HR  strategy for an organisation. The purpose of the assignment is to dev elop strategic awareness in

the design and delivery of HR systems and operations.

SpecificaIIy,the exercise aimsto:

1. build knowledge of the principles of strategic HRM

2. dev elop a practical understanding of how the external context shapes HR priorities

3. build a strategic orientation in the design of HR systems and delivery of HR operations

4. dev elop communication skills in the context of HR strategyformulation and making

a case for a strategic HR approach The case development is divided into three steps:

1) after identifying the key factors likely to influence the business’ success over time,proposing an appropriate

business strategy given the business’ goals and context,

2) identifying an appropriate HR strategy to achieve the business strategy,

3) proposing agpropriate HRI_practicesto implement the organisation’s usiness and R strategy.

Choose an organisation that you have knowledge of, or interest in. Make sure it is an organisation where you

chan get useful information, preferably from first hand source s. You may wish to interview the HR manager of

cLrganisation responsible for managing HR issues at strategic lev el, for greater insight into the issuesfaced by 5t e


LtJ)se a variety of sources of information in your background research on the organisational context. If you can,
ut you are not required to) talkto people thatwork in the sector. Search and read stories in business news

media, and stud websites of the organisation andlsimilar organisations in the sector. Be aware of the

possibility of bias in an organisation’s public material. Use the knowledge of the typical threats, opportunities,

strengths and weaknesses in organisations in the sector to dev elop a profile of your fictional organisation.

Step I: Business Strategy gonsidber yourself the human resource manager of a fictional organisation.

e In degcribihg the organisation. Develop a profile ofthe organisation. What isthe organisation’s core

business product(s)? Undertake a PESTEL analysis and describe the business environment in which the

organisation operates. What are the external threats and opportunities confronting the organisation? Describe

the organisation’s goals. Then,taking these into account, develop a statement of business strategy (ie., what

would the organisation like to achiev e in the future and how does it want to go about doing it?).

Step II: Design HR


CorLsiderthe implications ofthis business strategyforthe HR systems. Think about the internal characteristics
oft e

organisation. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Most importantlyforthis set of assessment items,
think about the organisation’s

staff, their skills, the people management system. Think about how HR can add

value. Taking into account the business strategy, develop a

statement of HR strategy -the broad features of a

people management strategy for the organisation that uses HR policies and practicesto

better achieve the

lorganisation’s goals. Outline the ways in which HR can help the organisation achiev e these business goals.

addition, consider ways in which HR can be a source of strategic adv antage.

Step III: Deliv ery of HR Strategy

Next, considerthe areas

of HR activity covered in the course. What specific HR policies and practices will be needed to implement the HR strate y? Yourtask here is
to convert the overall plan of the HR strategy into distinct HR activities. The policies should be explicitly linked to the HRg

Assessment #3 – Report stage 3: Final Report (Graded)

In Assignment 3, you are required to submit a written report on the

case (including Steps I, II and Ill; total word

Iimit3000 words (including in-text citations but not including reference list) at the end

of the study period.

This assignment requires you to explain – in words-the arguments you presented in short form in Assignments

and 2, and to also provide a write-up account of Step 3.

Torrens Transit

Transit Systems, one ofAustraIia’s largest bus and ferry

operators, it has established in Western Australia in 1995 and serving Australian population over 19 ye ars.
As a member ofthe Transit

Systems group, Torrens Transit commenced its operations in South Australia in the Adelaide metropolitan area since 2000.
Torrens Transit

now employs in excess of 400 staff and operates over70 different routes with a fleet of more than 250 buses in a geographic area. It covers
the major routesfrom Tea Tree Plaza interchan e in the North to Marion Center Interchange in the South, and Auldana in the East to the
Lefevre Peninsula in the West. (Torrenstransit,%011)

As the assignment is deeply inv olv ed with assignment 1& 2 Works hav e been attached.


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