Topic: Week 5 Reflection

Topic: Week 5 Reflection

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Required Readings:

Springer, Reider and Vining Morgan, pp. 122-160, Chapters 6 and 7: “The Big Tests” and “Deciding About Early Decision and Other Early Options”
Asher (overflow readings from Week 4), “Where Should You Apply?”:
“The Prep Colleges,” pp. 14-38
On Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures for Student Attrition, p. 218
“A College Officer Writes About Distinctiveness at a College,” pp. 107-109
“Advice from a Distinguished College Professor,” pp. 116-119

Optional Crazy U reading: Chapter 4, pp. 69 – 102. Discusses the SAT and test prep.

Reflections are thoughtful, polite, thorough enough to give the reader a clear indication the readings have been completed, stay on-topic, relate back to at least two separate* areas of the required readings and cite page numbers or e-reader locations where those readings can be found.

Reflections should be between 250 and 650 words and reflect your thoughts about what you have read, not just parrot back what the authors had to say. You can do this by relating what you’ve read to something you’ve seen, experienced, or read elsewhere.

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