Topic: the capacity expansion of Beijing capital international airport

Topic: the capacity expansion of Beijing capital international airport

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based on the work I have done, Beijing Capital Internation Airport (BCIA).

For introduction part, please explaining about why this project is interesting to study about management by narrowing about risk management and leadership. You can describe briefly by using learning points

For body part, please break down the issue through theories under management and risk management , and leadership in power point slides to explain about this project.
Please, write down the following points:
1. Which management style applying in this project ,and what are the effects in good and bad ways using this style ?
2. Which method leader use in this project to solve the issue
3 What risks associated in this project ?
4. How management can identify risks in the project ?
5. Which level of risk assessment on this project and how to reduce those risks ?
5. Explain about work structure of this project and scope of project
6. Explain about project scope in detail under PBS -Product breakdown structure
WBS – Work breakdown structure,OBS – Organisation breakdown structure
CBS – Cost breakdown structure,RAM – Responsibility assignment matrix
7. explain about how stakeholders have an impact on this project ?

Conclusion, please summarize key main factors that makes this project success through applying in this theory

Reference part, I would like you to do Harvard style and write your accessed date

Remark: please look at the points you have to mention in attachment. If the powerpoint slides are not provided enough information, please do more research on the underlying topics. Please bring the detail in theory to adapt or relate with the content of the topic

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