Topic: The Blind Side

Topic: The Blind Side

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The purpose of this assignment is twofold: You should be able (1) apply theoretical principles and (2) practice written communication skills. Specifically, you will be asked to view a film that focuses on the development of an intimate, interpersonal relationship. Following the film, you will write a short paper analyzing the development of that relationship.

Your task is to write a paper analyzing the film shown in class. This film was selected primarily as a function of the relational issues addressed by the actors and the story line. After a careful viewing of the film, you will need to discuss how the main characters’ perceptions impact their impression formation process. Perceptions that can influence impressions may include past experiences, values, beliefs and attitudes.

To direct your written analysis of this process, organize your paper around the following 4 issues:

1. What first impressions do the two main characters have of one another?
2. How do the main characters’ past experiences, values, beliefs, and attitudes influence the forma­tion of those impressions?
3. How do their impressions of one another change throug­hout the film?
4. What uncertainty reduction strategies are utilized by the characters?

Throughout your analysis, you will need to provide specific examples that demonstrate your responses to all 4 issues. Identify key communication concepts (i.e., sound like a “communica­tion specialist”), and support your claims with examples from the film.

The information you use should be drawn from both the lecture/discussions and your textbook.

Your paper must be typed, double-spaced and approximately 3 pages in length. No late papers will be accepted. Papers will be graded by the following criteria:

(1) Grammar and Spelling.
(2) Clarity and Completeness (all 4 issues must be ad­dres­sed).
(3) Demonstrated knowledge of the concepts under in­ves­tiga­tion.
(4) Application of specific principles, constructs, and theory from lecture and text. In other words, be sure to use the appropriate “jargon” from the discipline.

The movie is The Blind Side

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