Topic: organasational report

Topic:  organasational report

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organisational structure
make links to appropriate theory and evaluate the benefits and barriers for your individual organisations identified structure and culture my organisation is stonecroft house where i have been volunteering for a while while i did my 50 hours placement time.
Organisational Report

Your report should include the following areas

• Organisational structure: Make links to appropriate theory and evaluate the benefits and barriers for your individual organisation’s identified structure and culture.
• Organisational aims and objectives: Consider how these are implemented and discuss and evaluate the impact they have on practice and service user outcomes. Link to policy when appropriate and consider legislative frameworks which could affect service delivery and outcomes.
• Decision making processes: Identify how services are provided for your service user groups – evaluate the assessment processes and consider the negative and positive impact these can have on practice and service user outcomes. Link to legislative and theoretical frameworks and evaluate the impact of these.
• Process for intervention: Once provision has been allocated to a service user you should consider and evaluate the intervention strategies and techniques which are utilised to best support their individual and dynamic needs.
• Examination of skills: Reflect upon the personal and organisational skills required to establish, maintain and disengage from service users. Make links to appropriate theory and Codes of Practice and consider the implications for practice and service user outcomes.

The work should be written in report format

This assessment should meet the following learning outcomes

1. Identify the context of how decisions are made to become involved in professional helping relationships in health and care settings

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the processes involved in providing help and support

3. Demonstrate awareness of the skills required to establish, maintain and disengage from professional helping relationships

4. Identify principles of good practice

Within the assessments there is an expectation that you will identify and quote from a range of writing by other people. This is one way in which you can show you are developing your knowledge of the subject. The ability to select from and engage in a wide range of materials also shows that you are developing your skills of argument and research.

It is expected within this work ‘at least’ 4 of the recommended texts will be referenced and that ‘at least’ 2 further references to relevant journal articles will be included. Whilst web sites can be used, these will be ‘appropriate’ web sites suitable for academic study as indicated in the module reading lists. For example ‘Wikipedia’ is not an acceptable source.

Remember to pay attention to detail; work at this level should not contain spelling, grammatical or presentation errors- proof read your work as errors will result in a loss of marks. Also in using and making reference to other people’s work, you must ensure you reference correctly. You must not pass off other people’s work as your own as this will be regarded as ‘Academic Theft’; in other words, cheating or plagiarism. Plagiarism is on the increase but one reason for this could be that Insti

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