Topic: Mental health

Topic: Mental health

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Harrison, K. (Producer/Writer/Director). (2013). The Sunnyboy [Motion picture]. Australia: Jotz Productions, Treehouse Productions. Available:
Examine the depiction of Jeremy Oxley’s mental state just prior to the reunion concert of the Sunny Boys. Construct a comprehensive mental state examination and risk assessment for him at that point in time, write an extended Mental Health Assessment (inclusive of a Mental State Examination and a Risk Assessment)
WORDS: 1000 words and 10 recent (less than 7 years old) and credible sources.

marking rubric:
Introductory comments that provide an incomplete context of circumstances that observations are made including location, time, person’s background to come under observation for MSE, and your relationship to person.

Accuracy: MSE is supported by replicable observations as evidence.

Completeness: MSE identifies all components evident in period of observation and identifies some of the gaps in information. It is presented in correct format.

Terminology: Use is accurate, professional and non-stigmatising and explained with pertinent examples.

Concluding Formulation: The MSE finishes with a summarising statement.

You place the person in a context with the background explained of the circumstances that warranted assessment.
You nominate the particular risk being assessed and provide support for this.

Content of Assessment
You consider all of these factors discretely:
1. Predisposing Factors
2. Current Risk
3. Protective Factors (Resilience)
Your assessment is characterised by
1. Accuracy: Observations are supported by evidence.
2. Completeness: Your assessment identifies all factors raised in the audiovisual recording and suggests gaps in information.
3. Terminology: Your use is accurate, explained with accurate examples and employs non-stigmatising language.

1. Current risk You provide a clinical judgment and suggestions for interventions are noted
2. Assessment confidence Your clinical judgment is explicitly expressed for this factor
3. Changeability You express your clinical judgment of this aspect with support.

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