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Case Study

Type of assessment required now LOG BOOK 1 (LOBO1)

Word Count or duration 3000 words

Mode of Submission On-line

Your task

You are required to work with a (new) client for 4 weeks and compile a log book reflecting on your practical experiences. Your new client must be free from any medical concerns and be available to train at least once per week over a 4-week period. The sessions would ideally be gym-based but if this is inappropriate (lack of access, client preference etc.), then a home-based or outdoor programme is permitted. The logbook should be updated after every session with your client and include the following information:

* Initial client consultation details including their preferred learning style

* Fitness assessments undertaken along with client results

* Details of the training programme(s) used with the client, together with the evidence base that underpins the programme
* Reflective narratives of your experiences with the client – self-reflections of the strengths and weaknesses of your sessions and the strengths and weaknesses of your teaching style

* Ongoing progress reports

* Links to academic theory

Suggested layout

* Introduction to client including their preferred learning style and how this was ascertained (full consultation details to be provided in appendices)

* Details of fitness assessments undertaken, identifying protocols used

* Fitness assessment results and their meaning (e.g. comparison to norm tables etc.)

* Overview of training programme prescribed for client (detailed lesson plans to be provided in appendices)

* Justification for training programme – what evidence base underpinned your programme choice(s)

* On-going reflection of each session (positives, negatives, planned changes etc.)

* Progress reports – how did you measure progress against clients’ goals?

* Summary of intervention (minimum 4 weeks)

* Reference list

* Appendices (client consultation; learning styles assessment; fitness assessment protocols utilised; detailed lesson plans (minimum of 3 to be

included); annotated lesson plans or notes of ongoing reflection; any other relevant information)

Assessment Criteria

See attached assessment criteria table on following page

Learning Outcomes

This assessment will enable students to demonstrate in full or in part the learning outcomes identified in the unit descriptors.

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