Topic: Library Assignment

Topic: Library Assignment

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Library Assignment
To complete this week’s assignment, you will need to use the South University Online Library to locate four sources about your essay topic “Metamorphosis.” For each source, you will create a references page entry followed by a short paragraph in which you evaluate that source. In this paragraph, you will explain why the source is appropriate for the essay you are writing.
The sources should be credible and scholarly.
This is an assignment that will require you to spend some time researching, so plan accordingly. The key to locating suitable library sources is to choose appropriate databases in which to search. For example, a student writing about Kafka’s The Metamorphosis chooses to search under the General Education category and then clicks on the JSTOR resource. Having accessed JSTOR, the student types: Kafka The Metamorphosis and after reviewing the selections available, the student chooses to download Kafka’s Humor, a scholarly journal article by Jean Collignon. The sources that you choose can be ebooks, chapters in books, scholarly journal articles, or credible online materials. Librarians are available to help you with your research .
Click here for an example of an annotated bibliography.

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