Topic: Illegal Immigrants in the US Penal System

Topic: Illegal Immigrants in the US Penal System

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create a theory-based study of the attitudes, values, or perceptions held by a particular sample population regarding the U.S. penal system.

**The Topic Assigned is illegal immigrants in the US penal system. Why are young males that migrate from Honduras and illegally enter the US, found in the US penal system? The perception of law enforcement officers.**

The assignment consists of a title, followed by five sections; each section following the introduction is preceded by a heading:

An introduction (approximately 100 words).
A literature review (approximately 200 words).
A method of research (approximately 400 words).
Anticipated findings (approximately 100 words)
A discussion (approximately 250 words).

Under Introduction:
Describe the topic you have chosen. For example, your topic might be the attitudes of a particular segment of society toward capital punishment or the three strikes law, or an examination of whether respondents believe that higher incarceration rates will make them safer. State the significance of your topic. Why is it important or useful to study this topic? Include a brief overview of the major area of your topic that will be addressed by the proposed research project you are designing. Specify the potential contribution this project could make to the literature by indicating the gap in knowledge that it will fill.

Under Literature Review:
Provide a brief summary of the article you chose, focusing carefully on how the article uses the theory in relation to the research project.

Under Method of Research:
Design your own study. Choose deterrence or rational choice theory. State the central research question in one sentence. What do you want to discover? Provide two hypotheses. Examples include the following: Respondents with higher income will more likely believe that three strikes laws need to be revised. Women will more likely than men favor revision of these laws. Describe the method of research you would use to carry out your survey. Present two types of questions you would ask. Describe the sample you would access and discuss how you would: Access this sample. Present the measures you would use. Protect the security of your sample. Collect the data.

Under Anticipated Findings:
Suggest what you imagine you would find if you actually implemented the design. How would you analyze the data using statistical tools? How would you present (write up) the data?

Under Discussion:
Describe how you would use theory to explain the findings you would expect to obtain. Identify at least one limitation of your own proposed project. Present any policy implications that could be taken from your proposed, theoretically informed, research project.

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