Topic: Human Behavior & Evolutionary Psychology

Topic: Human Behavior & Evolutionary Psychology

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IMPORTANT: Be sure to read Chapter 14 and thoroughly go over the PowerPoint (Chapter 14) before you start writing the essay.
Throughout the textbook, the author explains non-human animal behavior from an adaptationist (i.e., evolutionary) perspective. In Chapter 14 he uses the same perspective to explain human behavior, as well. He explains hard-to-explain human behaviors (e.g., reciprocity, charity, generosity, altruism, and adoption) as all being forms of charitable behavior that raises the social reputation of the person who is demonstrating the behavior. He also explains the “differences” between what females and males find to be attractive in potential mates using the evolutionary perspective.
You should address two main questions.
-First, do you agree with the author that most human behavior, even hard-to-explain charitable behavior, is the result of nature (evolution) rather than nurture (learning, culture, etc.)? Be sure to explain your position.
-Second, is you opinion on the author’s explanation for the apparent differences in mate preferences which are said to exist between women and men? Be sure to explain your position.
I want the essay to be as follow: 1-No intro needed. Use a few sentence as conclusion 2- Direct and simple language 3- Use only the PDF file and the PowerPoint slides as a source

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