Topic: Essay

Topic: Essay

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Write an essay (1500 words) addressing the following 2 questions:
1 Explain why globalisation is not only an imperative for survival, but also an opportunity for future growth of domestic businesses.
2 What makes emerging economies an attractive destination for global businesses? Discuss the risks involved in such countries.

Use examples and evidence to support your views. You may also consider your own business or the company you work for to discuss the above points. Note, even if an organisation is not directly involved in global business, it may still be influenced by suppliers/consumers up or down the value chain. A minimum of 10 refereed journal articles are required for this paper.

Analytic Marking Criteria Holistic Marking Criteria
Suggested structure of essay
1. Introduction – Here you introduce what you are going to explain/discuss i.e. the two given questions within 200-250 words.
2. Body – This section should be divided into 2 sub-sections- one for each of the 2 given questions. Add a sub-heading for each sub-section followed by your discussion for that particular question. You are also expected to draw and support your views from external academic sources and real-world business cases. The length of each sub-section should be around 500-550 words. (Total length of section 2 will be around 1000-1100 words).
3. Conclusion – Here you summarise what you have already explained and any major points that you may want the reader to note. Suggested word length for this section is 200-250 words.

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