Topic: Electronic Science Portfolio

Topic: Electronic Science Portfolio

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Develop a Science Electronic Portfolio consisting of at least 50 science activities. You are to access and review different science internet sites to find lessons, activities, experiments, or demonstrations. Use 10 activities each for the following 5 subgroups: Science Process Skills, Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Biblical Science.

The Electronic Science Portfolio is a collection of lessons and activities that can help you plan an integrated unit now or for future lessons in your classroom. The lessons and activities must be hands-on, student activities, or teacher demonstrations which will help students learn science content and process skills.

The activities are to be obtained from the internet and compiled into a teacher resource page as a Word document. You will need to copy each activity and paste it into a running document for the portfolio. You need to cite at least 5 sources on your reference page in APA format.

The lessons need to be organized into 5 sections: Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Biblical Science, and Process Skills.

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