Topic: Education

Topic: Education

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Stakeholders must buy into the opportunity you will be offering for the event to be successful. This means that they will agree with your premise and be encouraged to attend and participate. In order to be allowed to run your event you must make a presentation to the board of directors for permission and assistance. You are writing an APA paper to give to the board to answer their questions as fully as possible. These are the questions that want you to answer in your report:
•What is the value of the project you will offer, and how will you know you have accomplished your goal?
•Of what value will this event be for the adult learners, and how can you measure that benefit?
•How will you encourage your targeted group to attend your planned event?
•What methods will you employ to evaluate its effectiveness?
•What barriers will you face, and how could the board of directors help lessen these barriers?
•What materials and assistance will you need from the board?

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