Topic: choose any relevant topic to business studies

Topic: choose any relevant topic to business studies

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During the summer you should prepare a logical and well supported statement. The statement will discuss the area you’re contemplating exploring and why that particular area has merit and is worth investigating.

The absolute word limit for the statement is 1000 words (excluding bibliography) to ensure cogency, lucidity and viability. Your statement’s bibliography, by the way, should contain some central works that you would obviously include in your literature review. If you need more words to explain your proposed area of study, then you haven’t thought it through very well. Try again.

NB. This statement will be one of the items used in determining your suitability for the dissertation option, which is naturally very self-directed. It will also form the basis of your first discussion with your supervisor. It is not guaranteed, however, that your supervisor will accept your statement as the basis for a particular research project.

NB2. This is not a research proposal. Your actual research question will have to be agreed with your supervisor (and ratified by me). Please note that I will not accept any research question that begins with ‘How’, ‘Does’, ‘If’, ‘What’ or similar. All questions must be on the basis of ‘Why’ (e.g., Why was Islamic banking not affected by the 2008 credit crunch?).
Note- choose any relevant topic for business studies

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