Topic: Book Review onThe American Revolution by Gordon Wood.

Topic: Book Review onThe American Revolution by Gordon Wood.

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HIS 350 Book Review 4 pages

The book review is a critical analysis of a historical study. This will be the time for you to practice your skills on how to make a critical examination of another historians’ piece of work. By the end of the course, you will be required to submit a book review over The American Revolution by Gordon Wood.
The book can be found on Username [email protected] Password silver77
First thing to recognize when writing a book review is that you are not writing a book report. A book review is a critical analysis of the book — NOT a report of the book’s contents. Summarizing chapter by chapter is not a review. This does little to help in telling another historian whether this book was worth reading. What historians want to know is whether this book has contributed something significant to the study of history. A good book review will have a:
An introduction (about a paragraph telling what this essay is about).
A quick summary of the book (really no more than 2 pages).
A critical analysis of it (about a page discussing the sources the author used, maybe comparing it to other books or interpretations, writing style, information brought out, whether the book contributed to historical knowledge, etc.).
Summary of the review. Please do not go over 5 pages.
Please see Grading Rubric below for grading criteria.
Book Review Grading Rubric
Criteria Description Must critically analyze The American Revolution by Gordon Wood.
Paragraphs are unified, coherent, and effective, with transitions between ideas. Sentences area logical and completed. Incorporates an introduction, quick summary of the book, critical analysis of the book, and a summary of the review.
Avoids spelling and grammatical errors, meets the deadline, and meets the paragraph/page limit for each component. Maximum page limit is 5-pages. Must have one-inch margins, be double spaced, and use a regular size and style font (ex. 12-point Times New Roman).

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