TOMS shoes


Case part 1 is already done by you which includes parts 1, 2, and 3
no I need you to do part 2 of the case with includes:
Parts 4 and 5
4. Internal company situation (3 pages)
5. Strategic recommendations (2 pages)
Assuming a managerial role, diagnose the situation and develop pragmatic actions plans to deal with the strategic issues. Demonstrate that you understand and can effectively apply the concepts and tools of strategic analysis, e.g., macro environment, driving forces, key success factors, industry analysis, financial analysis, and SWOT. More detailed instructions are contained in the Written Guidelines. In addition, incorporate any additional instructions that your instructor provides.

Attached the grading rubric, the 1st part of the case which is already done by you in order to write accordingly in the same style as if you are completing it.
instructions are also attached. I also attached the presentation of what I’m studying so that you can see what do I study and write according to it.
attached also the case you are going to write about.

don’t use any resources just use the case I attached

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