To what extent do Parents and Community affect Family Management and Youth Violence?

To what extent do Parents and Community affect Family Management and Youth Violence?

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Develop a research proposal for small secondary research project on the above topic.It should be reasonable to carry out in a 6 month period.
Your research proposal should include the following sections: Introduction – Your introduction should introduce your research topic and your research question(s), in addition to the aim(s) of the assessment. (Approximately 100 words)
-Background and literature review – This section should be a brief overview of the research. This section should also, where relevant, refer to appropriate policy and guidance and/or some of the key research studies you identified. This should not simply be a cut and paste job. You need to carefully choose the key authors which inform the study. (Approximately 250 words)
-Theory – This short section should propose a theory or theories that you intend to apply to your research study. It should define the theory, and state the theorist or proponent of the theory, using references appropriately. It should also indicate why and how your theory links to your research topic. (Approximately 100 words)
– Methods – You should propose how you intend to carry out your research (using future tense!).
As this a secondary research project, you should include things such as:
o A definition of secondary library-based research
o How will you find your information?
o What databases do you propose to use?
o What search terms are you proposing?
o What are your inclusion/exclusion criteria?
o What filters do you plan to apply? (e.g. date, geography, language)
o What other sorts of documents will you include? (Books, ‘grey’ literature)
o How will you critically appraise the research studies?
o How will you present your findings?
o What are the ethical issues involved in secondary research?
– Timetable – You should include a table that details your project tasks over a six month period. It should have enough detail to indicate that it could reasonably be carried out in this timeframe. (Approximately 200 words)
– Dissemination – This brief section should indicate strategies for disseminating your research including reference to the appropriate and relevant audience(s) (e.g. professionals, young people, older adults). (Approximately 100 words)
– Conclusion – This brief section should conclude your work, and re-visit the aims you introduced in the introduction. (Approximately 150 words).

You should especially, in this assessment, include reference to methodological and theory texts. Other acceptable forms of references are: journal articles, academic books (books on methodology are strongly advised), government policy documents, non-peer reviewed studies found on reputable organisational websites. Newspaper articles are strongly discouraged. Websites such as Wikipedia and Simply Psychology and others like it are not acceptable.

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