Time Management

Time Management

In the same way that successful managers plan and staff resources, successful online students plan their activities so they can accomplish their professional and academic goals and still have time for family and leisure. In your professional life, you have to look at your schedule to plan for personal and family activities or determine when it is possible for you to make vacation plans. You will need to do the same in your academic career to ensure that you have enough time each week to comprehend the material and complete your assignments on time. Take a moment to review the Syllabus link on the Navigation bar, paying special attention to the due dates for all Applications and Discussion posts that may be found on the course schedule. Consider a schedule that you could create for this course. How many times a week would you need to log on to the course and for how long? How many hours would you need to reserve for working on your assignments?

To prepare for this Discussion, complete the “How Good Is Your Time Management” quiz listed in your Resources page for this week. After completing the quiz, scroll down and explore how you scored in the different areas of time management. Also complete the “Flash Interactive Presentation on Time Management.”

After completing these activities, think about how you currently plan your days. Are you able to accomplish your tasks or do you have a long list of items on your to-do list at the end of each day? What are your strengths in planning and managing your time? What are the greatest challenges that you face?

Now respond to the following:

•    Select one of the areas of time management from the “How Good Is Your Time Management” quiz in which you believe you need the most growth. What can you do to specifically improve this area of time management? How could this also help you both in school and in your career?

•    After completing the Flash Activity, consider unanticipated events or obligations that will undoubtedly occur in your life. How can you plan for the unexpected?

•    Using the information from the above  “Prime Times,” provide a description of at least one strategy each for planning, managing time, and studying effectively (choose strategies that are new to you). Explain how and why you think each will contribute to your success as an online learner.

•    Also, share one strategy with your class that you have used in the past, either in your academic or professional experience that has empowered you in time management. Describe the strategy and explain how it has been helpful. In addition, include a tip on how you handle unexpected interruptions or unexpected changes to your schedule.

•    Go to the course Syllabus located on the Navigation bar to the left. Scroll down to the section titled, “Policies on Late Assignment.” After reviewing the information found there, comment on the importance of meeting deadlines in both the business world and the academic world.

•    “Tips for Effective Online Composition and Communication” (approximately 7 minutes)??Communication via e-mail and Discussion postings are vital components in online learning. What you write and how you word it contributes to the impression people have of you and also, sometimes, their responses to you. This video program provides essential insights and information regarding the differences between online and in-person communication, the importance of tone in your e-communications, and writing effective e-mail messages. All of these skills will contribute to your success as an online learner.
Flash Interactive Presentation on Time Management??This interactive Flash presentation explains useful time-management techniques and provides a scheduling activity to test your effectiveness.



Time Management Quiz

•    MindTools. (2010). How good is your time management: Discover tools that can help you. Retrieved from?
•    http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newHTE_88.htm??(cut copy and paste in browser).

•    This website includes a short quiz that tests the effectiveness of your time-management skills.

Dartmouth College Media Production Group. (Producer). (2010). Academic Success Videos:Time management [Video file]. Available from?http://www.dartmouth.edu/~acskills/videos/video_tm.html

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