Tim Hortons Inc

Read Tim Hortons Inc., Case 19, pages C-250 through C-261. You are strongly encouraged to also read the Preparing an Effective Case Analysis on C-4.

For this case analysis, you should prepare a written analysis of 4 to 5 pages that uses the text and other credible sources as appropriate

Your case must minimally address the following issues / questions:

Perform an internal environment analysis of Tim Hortons Inc. Construct a summary of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Does the company maintain any perceived competitive advantages?
Perform an external environment analysis of the domestic and international restaurant industries. Construct a summary of the company’s opportunities and threats.
Conduct a competitive comparison between Tim Hortons and its biggest competitors in Canada and the U.S. What are the strategic implications of this analysis?
Using the results of your analysis, assess Tim Hortons’ strategic objectives and five-year strategic plan. Does the analysis reveal any flaws in the company’s direction? Make recommendations to strengthen the company’s strategy and to improve its chances of achieving success.

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