Answer the following question while watching this video on YouTube: THROUGH DEAF EYES (1:56:21) 1. Who mentioned at the very beginning that hearing people often focus on what they can’t do if they became deaf whereas Deaf people focus on what we can do? 2. Rory Osbrink wants hearing people to realize that deaf are 3. What’s unusual about Bradford? 4. Who opened the first Deaf school? 5. Who was the positive influence on Deaf America because he went overseas seeking for a way to educate the deaf in America? 6. When was the first Deaf school opened? 7. Where was the first Deaf school opened? 8. Who brought French Sign Language to the U.S. and BLENDED French Sign Language with USA “home signs” to form ASL? 9. Who was seen as the positive influence on Deaf America for coming back with Gallaudet and together forming the first school for the deaf in America? (That is still running today!) 10. In 1864 what did President Lincoln do? 11. Who’s mother and wife were both deaf? 12. To the Deaf world, he is looked on as a type of ?boogie man?. They resent the fact that he tried to make it so deaf people could not interact with each other, could not marry each other, and could not have children. He lobbied against using sign language and felt that Deaf people should only speak. Basically his goal was to get rid of deafness. Who is this? 13. When was the Milan Conference? 14. What happened at the Milan Conference? 15. What was AG Bell’s greatest crime? 16. Name one positive aspect of a deaf child attending a Deaf School. 17. HEARING PEOPLE TEND TO MEASURE A Deaf person’s intelligence on their ability to do what rather than on the Deaf person’s actual abilities/knowledge/intelligence? 18. _____ – one of the two ?worlds? that focuses on the eyes (visual, deaf-friendly) 19. _____ – one of the two ?worlds? that focuses on the ears (sound, hearing-friendly) 20. The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) was established in 1880 – why? 21. In 1910 why did the NAD being producing films? 22. How did the football HUDDLE come about? 23. Name some interesting ?cures? which were attempted to fix deafness. 24. How many cures were successful in fixing deafness? 25. What specific group of people were segregated in separate Deaf schools and not allowed to join the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) for 40 years? 26. What is an audiogram? 27. In 1964 what technology was introduced that revolutionized deaf communication? 28. What are essential components for a “Deaf House?” 29. In the 1960’s what was so amazing that William Stokoe (a hearing professor at Gallaudet University) declared? 30. This began in 1967 and was the first Deaf theater group to perform for hearing audiences. 31. In 1968 a technical college for the Deaf opened called: 32. Who received an Oscar for her performance in Children of a Lesser God (youngest actress to ever get Best Actress at the age of 21? 33. What did Marlee Matlin do to upset the Deaf community? 34. The Deaf President Now! Movement is the most celebrated event in Deaf history. Besides choosing a Deaf president what was the real underlying issue? 35. What is the function of a cochlear implant? 36. Explain “Deaf WOW!” 37. What is the “FEAR” Deaf people live with? ? Define the term AUDISM:

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