Theory to practice( internship reflection paper)

Paper details:

Theory-to-Practice Paper One of the hallmarks of a liberal arts education is the ability to adapt and apply theories and methodologies gained in one situation to new situations in order to solve problems or explore complex issues in original ways. Often we do this without thinking – we are confronted with a challenge in real life, and we figure out how to solve it without consciously considering how our practical actions are rooted in a world view or a theory that we subscribe to even though we have not consciously and fully examined it. This assignment challenges you to explicitly identify how you are connecting theory to practice in your internship by identifying theory from your field of study and using it to either a) identify and implement a solution to a challenging project at your internship site, evaluate your results, and identify how you can improve next time; or b) examine and evaluate how your organization is accomplishing an organizational objective or addressing a challenging issue, and make theoretically based recommendations for improvement. The final paper should be 4-5 pages double-spaced, 11 pt font, with 1” margins all around. The effective paper will: – Clearly describe the organizational project, practice, or challenge you will examine – Clearly identify and describe the theory that will be used to examine and resolve the challenge, evaluate results, and/or make recommendations – note that a full description of the theory will include the history of the theory and how it was developed, key variables and their relationship to one another, and how the theory is used in practice. – Clearly articulate a connection between theory and practice – Demonstrate depth of reflection and insight – Be written in professional language, i.e., be crisp and succinct, be well structured with clear intro/thesis, organized body (outlining the paper before writing it and using headers to organize it will strengthen your structure), and clear conclusion, use active voice, use research or specific examples to support claims (rather than “I think” or “I feel”), use proper spelling and grammar. – Be properly cited with a full reference page at the end. Also, I have attached my personal information, experiences, and requirements as listed below: 1. My area of study is international business and I am doing an entry level accountant internship at Liu CPA Inc. In the past few weeks, besides of those basic entry level accountant duties, I did document and clients’ information classification project. Also, I translated some documents for Chinese clients and did some research. 2. For the theory, I learned the “critical thinking theory” in my strategic management class. Also, other theories like communication and business writing.

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