Theorising New Media and the Self

Theorising New Media and the Self

Dear writer: Please read everything attached for you especially assignment instruction. It might ask to great account and stuff like this, please do create them and send me everything that you done.

For this assignment, you can see how the teacher made his one by looking for (my example), it is on the assignment instruction.


– Module 1: Theorising New Media and the Self
– Module 1 critical exercise, 30%, equivalent to 1200 words.

Summative Assessment Task 1
Module 1 Exercise
Brief description of assessment task    This task requires you to construct a scholarly blog post using various media in which you critically reflect on the issue of online identity, drawing on scholarly research to reinforce your ideas. As part of this task, you must analyse your own digital identity(s), whether this be your current online persona and/or that which you hope to develop.
Please note that detailed instructions and a full example will be provided on CloudDeakin early in the trimester.
Detail of student output    A scholarly blog post equivalent to 1,200 words
Weight (% total mark for unit)    30%

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