Theorising Crime & Criminal Justice

Theorising Crime & Criminal Justice

One Oral Presentation and Portfolio:
Topic: Female Criminality: women who kill
Attention:i sent ppt and sample to you,you can write it like sample’s Structure?Thanks
An oral presentation/seminar (applying the theoretical perspectives/criminal justice approaches covered in the course and focusing upon a theory and issue of your choice) must be accompanied by a  portfolio made up of:  a reflective account of the research undertaken;  a summary of literature research/readings, analysis;  and a copy of the ppt presentation, plus any notes/materials.
What the portfolio is?
A reflective account of research
Reflective – what does this mean to you?

1.What should be included?

Why this topic?
The research process: what you did, how you organised your research, what sources you have reviewed, how you divided the work, any meetings/discussion, how you made decisions about the structure of the presentation and about the use/inclusion of various pieces/types of material; any difficulties in information search, structuring and organising your presentation, using theory, empirical data etc.
Literature review
Comments/observations: what you have learned from this process
Reference list
PPT slides

2.Areas you might want to reflect on:
Literature: perspectives, debate, gaps; what surprised you?
Your choice of theories/scholars
Your choice of case studies
Legislation/policy documents
The way you organised and delivered your presentation
How your research and presentation could have been improved; what could have been included/excluded
Audience reactions, questions, comments

Two possible ways of structuring your portfolio
Why this topic
Research process
Lit review

Why this topic
Research process
PPT slides and notes accompanied by your comments
Any additional comments/observations

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