theoretical literature survey

The recommended length is 20 pages of text, excluding footnotes, tables, references and graphs. Papers must be typed and double-spaced and have 1 inch margins. The font size should be 12 or 11 point.

The research paper must contain the following:

(a)    An abstract (a brief one paragraph summary of your paper);

(b)    An introduction explaining what your paper is about and why the problem you have chosen is important and interesting;

(c)    A “theoretical literature survey,” that is, a brief summary and analysis of other academic articles, working papers and economic models relevant to your topic;

(d)    An “empirical literature survey,” that is, a brief summary and analysis of the relevant empirical studies on this topic;

(e)    An explanation and justification of the theory that you are using;

(f)    An explanation and justification of the proposed empirical methodology;

(g)    A detailed presentation and analysis of the data;

(h)    A discussion of your preliminary empirical results and comparisons with the relevant studies on this topic;

(i)    Conclusions (what you have achieved so far, the problems that you have encountered and how you propose to resolve them in the final draft);

(j)    A bibliography in correct format.

We need you to use the econometrics software—“SHAZAM” to analyze the data to prove my research question. If you don’t have this software, ask me, and I can give it to you. And that is the most important thing, because my professor asks me to use this software.

If it is possible, you’d better use those variables (Area (km2) in altitude that below 5 meters;Average water area in square kilometers; Average land area in square kilometers; Average yearly rainfall in millimeters; Average arable land (% of land area); Average forest area (% of land area); Average agricultural land (% of land area) ) we use in proposal to write this research paper. But it just a suggestion… If you can replace some of those variables, or you can find some better data to analyze the research question, you can do that. Hopefully you do not change all of those variables.

You need to analyze more than 80 developing countries please, in fact I have some data, but the output from SHAZAM is not good enough. And for those developing countries please from the worldwide, from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America,Oceania.

The proposal that I gave to you is already proved by professor and TA, but it still has some questions, so when you write the research paper, please correct them. And I will show you those comments in photo.

Finally, you need show me all the data you use in an excel file, and the entire SHAZAM file that you did,and also the research paper. Professor asks us to show those data files with research paper.

For the writer, you need to have the knowledge of econometrics, and you need to analyze the research questions by the output you get from SHAZAM. The research questions are in the proposal.
If you have any question or uncertainty, please ask me to avoid rewriting. I will check email every day.

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