(theater, dance, or film)

(theater, dance, or film) appropriate to Chapter 6, 7, or 8 that does NOT appear in the text…part of the fun in learning about art is in DISCOVERING it!  You are required to make one post.  In a narrative format, the post should contain the following elements:
1.Define and Identify: Brief information about the artist and work.  For example, birth/death dates, place of birth or work, where work is displayed, name of work, medium of work, context for creation of work.
2.Experience and Appreciation: For example, where you found the work (website, another book, museum), what made you select the work, what about this work speaks to you.
3.Observe and Analyze: For example, use and underline three terms that were introduced in the chapter to observe/analyze your chosen work.
4.Critique and Compare: Compare your work to similar pieces or to examples used in the book.  Consider the impact of the work on a particular social angle and/or the evolution of the media.  Consider the impact of experiencing the work on your general outlook on the medium or appreciation of art.
5.Apply Social Angles or Context: Identify at least one social angle from the list below that can be observed or analyzed as part of the work.  Address how the social angle is connected to the work.
race and ethnicity,
gender and sexuality,
class and highbrow/low,
colonialism, postcolonialism, place and regionalism,
nature (environment, ecology) and culture,
memory, history, generational identity,
food culture, and
body and mind

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