The use of the rapid-cycle change

Listen to Learning Module 18:


Complete a one-two page reflection of what you learned within the module and how you will use this information as a future nurse educator in academics or professional development setting.

Include responses to the discussion/self reflection questions at the end of each module.

After you have reviewed the module presentations and resources, consider how this material is relevant to your own work and experience. The following is a list of questions for self-reflection or for use in class

How can we use rapid-cycle change (PDSA cycles) to begin rapidly improving how QSEN competencies are embedded in our courses/curriculum?
What resources or support do we currently need to help us transform our curriculum in ways that create different conversations with students and clinicians around quality and safety?
What’s the first / next step we can take to move forward with our efforts to embed QSEN competencies in our curricula?

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