The Thousand and One Nights Paper


The Thousand and One Nights Paper


a Thousand and One Nights; Write a paper of 700-800 words in length (written in
MLA format), answer the following question:

How are we to interpret Shahrayar’s madness? Does it make sense to you? (Ponder
this: Are male egos so fragile in macho societies or is his a special case? Conversely,
how are the women portrayed in these stories? Does ‘good daughters/bad wives’
cover it? What are we to make of the relationships between the sexes in light of your

After you think of answers to this question, and think about the character of Shahrayar
himself write your essay answering this:

What does Shahrayar see as his dilemma? Determine whether you think he has a
legitimate dilemma, and then examine the choices he did make. What are the social
consequences to his society as a whole? To the people who surround him? What
happens to him?

Sample format:

I. Identify the person (Shahrayar) and discuss the society/cdture in which he lived,
central issues that were significant to this person, beliefs they attempted to promote
with their life‘s work, and the impact this work/belief system had on the culture of the
time. This is where you will introduce his “insanity.”
examples of the choices which were available to Shahrayar. What drives him? What is
significant about these examples that help us to assess his character? In these
paragraphs, you may use textual evidence as well as reactions to Shahrayar’s behavior
by individual characters-

III. Write at least one body paragraph describing the dilemma Shahrayar faces in his
decisions and choices. What choices might individuals make to express their views
about social and cultural issues? Correctly cite evidence to support your analysis.

IV. Write at least one body paragraph giving evidence of specific consequences
resulting from the choices, decisions, and actions taken by this person. Correctly cite
evidence to support your analysis.

V. Concluding paragraph.
lI- Write at least two body paragraphs, each one describing in specific detail two


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