The structure of the final project should be as follows


The structure of the final project should be as follows: 1. Cover page, title and code of the course, title of your report, your name, leaner ID, date of submission,
word count) 2. Summary (write an abstract of the proposed research project) 3. Introduction (the rationale of the study, research problem, briefly state the potential
values of the project in terms of originality, significance, etc) 4. Aims and objectives of the research 5. Literature review (which provides theories and/or discusses
past studies related to your topic) you can summarize it in table 6. Methodology (detailed research process is required. e.g. research design, sampling, data
collection, etc) 7. Potential implications (describe how the outcomes will influence future scholarly research, theory, practice, forms of interventions, or
policymaking, etc) 8. References (cite your references both in the main text and in the list of references – in accordance with the Harvard Referencing System) 9.
Appendices (any supporting material can be attached with the report) 10. Remember: To have your draft proofread for any typo/grammatical errors, and to use Font 12,
Times New Roman, 1.5 line space and fully justified text. Please do not exceed the suggested word limit. • Word limit of the group project: 1500 -1800 words ( cover
page , references and appendices are not include in words counting) It should be Plagiarism free and please use simple language


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