The Strategy of International Business

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I want the writer to Select between 1 or 2 : 1. Identify a target market for a product or service In Oil & Gas Companies makes and devise a market entry strategy for that product or service.
Importantly exploration should be made of the product or service to be internationalised, the right market fit (why the market in question was chosen), the nature of the market especially any
regulatory issues that may help or hinder the sale of the product and service and the route to market, (direct sales, licencing or distribution agreement).


2. In an industry (Oil & Gas Sector) that is domestically focused and unlikely to globalise its business, consider that due to the liberalisation of the UK market, this industry is coming under
intensive competitive pressure from foreign entrants to the UK market. What strategic reaction would you employ to help meet pressures from foreign competitors in the UK market?

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