The stoning of Soraya movie

The stoning of Soraya movie
Please write a synopsis of your presentation topic and submit it one week before the date of your presentation. Please note that it is mandatory to write the synopsis (250 words including topic, title and three points that are going to be 3 discussed) of your presentation topic and submit it to the instructor at least one week before the assigned presentation date. If the synopsis is not submitted, 5% will be deducted from the total presentation mark. In your presentation, use the topic that we are going to discuss for the week from a comparative point of view, employ secondary sources and discuss artistic, literary, political, historical, or cultural aspects of the film/s under investigation. I expect to see a critical interpretation of the chosen topic.t use the related topic the day must use at least one academic source, such as articles in academic journals or books. You can also use reliable electronic resources. You should submit a written copy of your presentation for our records. The written copy could be in paper format or point format but make sure you include all important points that you have made in the presentation as well as the bibliographical information. Please do NOT rely on Wikipedia and other unreliable online sources for your presentations. Please note that all presentations are scheduled between Jan. 11 to March 23, 2016. We will NOT have any presentations on the last week of class.
What angle the director used
Main character in the movie
Any awards taken
Summary of the movies
Cultural aspect political aspect literaly artistic historical

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