The Sniper by Liam O’ Flaherty

Topic: he Sniper by Liam O’ FlahertyT

Paper details:

1) What does the reader learn about the sniper in the first three paragraphs?
2) What are some of the physical hardship that the sniper faces? How does he deal with these hardships?
3) What does the sniper discover when he turns the dead soldier over?
4) Why does the sniper feel no hesitation about killing the man in the tank or the woman informer?
5) Reread the passage in which the sniper kills his enemy with the revolver. What is his first reaction when the smoke clears? When he sees the dying soldier fall, how does his reaction change? Why does the sniper being to curse?
6) What drives the sniper to discover the identity of the enemy?
7) Does the story make a convincing statement against war? Explain your answer.
(Complete all these question’s answer and each answer has 1 quote related to the answer
Description quote must include page no and don’t use long quote)
8) Theme: When trying to determine theme, it is important to consider all the elements of the story. For example, writer often present their ideas through characters, especially through those whose views change drastically.
Think about the changes in the sniper’s attitude. Find passages that show how he feels about the enemy and the war at the beginning of the story. At what point does his attitude change? Why? How does he feel at the end of the story? What is your reaction to the final sentence? What is the writer saying about this war? About all war? Can you think of more than one interpretation of “brother’s face” in the last line?
(complete this question’s answer with in two sentence )

please complete all the question’s answer

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