“The Sign of the Four.”

  1. Read “The Sign of the Four.”
  2. Answer the first discussion question.
  3. Read the article “Addiction and Imperialism” – note especially the “Four punctures” and what they are.

Discuss: Who is Sherlock Holmes? Describe him and his method of detecting in The Sign of the Four. You must include two brief quotes from this text that support your description. Now, Sherlock is probably the best known private detective in the world. But Sir Arthur Conan Doyle appears to have a different motive than JUST solving a mystery in this story. What is that motive – or that cultural anxiety that struck you? Refer to the article you read, perhaps referencing one or two of the “punctures” mentioned. For your discussion post a 250-275 word reaction to the prompt. Please note, you must first post your answer before you can see classmates’ posts.

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