The serious rise of mental health, specifically suicide rates, among adolescence due to environmental factors.



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1. Find an article from the mass media (newspaper, news magazine, blog, etc) that tells a news story related to your chosen topic.
2. Find at least two Psychology empirical (i.e., research) journal articles that relate to the media article. If the media article refers to a specific study or journal article or researcher, try to include that study or journal article or an article by that researcher. Make sure there all three articles are closely related thematically.
3. Read all three articles carefully. Your task is to critically analyse (critique) the media article using information provided in the research articles.
4. Prepare your analysis according to the following format.
a. Your paper should begin with a brief background-introduction to the topic followed by a description of the contents and argument(s) made in the media article.
b. Your analysis should be the main part of the paper. This is where you point out strengths and flaws of the media article, drawing evidence from the Psychology research articles to support your points. Make sure that you consider whether the media article accurately reflects current research in this area. If not, suggest a better way to represent the research.
c. End your paper with a strong conclusion as to what the research actually found and why it is important for the public to get an accurate sense of the state of research in this area.
d. Finally, comment on why the public should be cautious when reading this or similar media articles intended for a mass audience.


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