The Rehearsal

The Rehearsal

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this is Art history paper.

Edgar Degas (French, 1834-1917). The Rehearsal, ca. 1878-79. Oil on Canvas (Accession number 1914.1.34).

o Composition
o Treatment of figures
o Use of color and/or of light/shade
o Scale/proportion
o The treatment of space
o Material/surface texture
o The handling of paint
o The subject matter (While you are focusing on formal elements rather than the subject matter, you want to think about how the subject and the formal characteristics relate. What do the formal aspects in combination with the subject tell us about the culture and what the artist is trying to express?)
o Think generally about the period style and how your work relates to it
o Think especially about those aspects that you can better appreciate in person than through reproduction. This includes such things as:
o Brushwork
o Paint application
o The colors (reproductions are notorious for ruining colors)
o The scale

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