The Prime Minister ofAustraIia, Ruddy Rabbit, and the government,

long realised that a global pandemic of catastrophic proportions is all too possible, if not imminent. As Australia, is an island continent,
the government seeks to maintain the physical integrity ofthe nation. As such, the government has commenced the Fortress Australis program.
The program consists ofthe federal government providing funding to the states to bolster border protection, both land and sea, through
the construction of concrete walls, as well as funding to local councils forthe construction of”zombie-proof” bunkers. The program is
supported by appropriations but no other specific legislation.

Ruddy Rabbit has made numerous public statements as to the importance of

this program, saying: “We Australians must prepare ourselves forthe inevitable. We cannot rest on our Iaurels, we must organise the
nation in readiness forthe zombpocolypsel Or any other ofa number of potential pandemics! And in doing so, this government is making
tangible preparations. We are funding a number of schemes through our Fortress Australis program, such as reinforcing state and national
borders through the building of great sea walls, as well as providing funds forthe construction of zombie-proof bunkers in every local
council across the nation! We all must commit to this program ifwe wish to survive. This program is in the nation’s interest.”


Council of Romero in Queensland is eagerly expecting the funds so that they may commence the construction oftheir bunker. However,
CounciIIorTom Savini is aghast that such vast amounts offunding are being spent on, as he says: “such a ludicrous venture. Why don’t
the feds start a program to teach us all Klingon as well, in preparation forthe arrival of aliens!”

Councillor Savini comes to you to

seek your advice on whetherthe funding ofthe Fortress Australis program is constitutionally valid and what possible legal challenges there
may be to the program, if any.

Would the successful amendment of S96 ofthe Constitution as proposed in the forthcoming referendum make a

difference to your answer?


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