The price of freedom

Select one question and prepare your response. Use additional research in yourresponse.
1. The war in Syria has led the government to create a policy that identifies all
men between the ages of 15 and 55 as possible fighters. Accordingly, the
males in Syria are conscripted to fight on behalf of the government, in spite of
their beliefs or politics. Examine the policy and make comparisons to the
actions taken in Liberia and Sierra Leone to obtain fighters in their civil wars.
What is your opinion of the methods used to avoid conscription? Should the
men of Syria feel constrained to flee from their homes to avoid fighting on
behalf of the government?
2. In this primarily Muslim country, describe the effects of attempted
emigration from Syria to other countries of the region. Explain the role of the
Free Syrian Army (FSA) on those male members of the population who are
not loyal to the resistance. Can you compare these actions to those of LURD
in Liberia? The UN has attempted in different ways to intervene in the civil
conflict. What is their role and how can they influence the outcome of the
war? Explore the UN’s Responsibility to Protect.

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