The Pain Scale BLISS

The Pain Scale BLISS

II. Critical Analysis Work

Write an analysis on how Biss develops her inquiry in ?The Pain Scale?. You want to consider how the form of her piece brings out the ideas, issues Biss contemplates. Look closely at how her piece?s unique overall form/design and particular features bring out the subjects she is contemplating. Discuss the multiple subjects she writes about and weaves together. Consider these questions in your analysis of how Biss works as a writer and what her piece is pondering.
What scale does she work with? In what ways does she bring into her piece?
What does she ask about what we know from using this scale/measuring system?
How much is left out or remains unknown using this measurement system?
Who (if anyone) controls the scale? For what purpose?
How does she weave together ideas about measuring/ scales, pain, the concept of zero, math, numbers, God, her father? wind?
What other scales does she reference? for what purpose?
Consider how she opens and closes her piece?how this ?frames? the work.
Work closely with the text to develop your argument. Begin by commentary on the piece as a whole?it?s overall form/design. Comment on key idea threads that run throughout. Note the use of scale image throughout and how this works within Biss?s piece?how it connects to the content, to the build-up of ideas. Then, continue to build your thread of ideas by offering close analysis of how she moves from one idea to another within a section.

I. Proposal for Imitative Piece

Respond thoroughly ? in as much depth as possible. This will give me a sense of how you are conceptualizing your project, and help you to make a good start into your first draft!
1. What is your project concept? What issue(s) are you writing about and what kind of measuring system are you using?
2. Describe/or include a visual representation of the measuring system you plan to use. How does the system work? Is it original or made by someone else?
3. What is the nature of the argument you would like to make in your imitative piece? Do you have an idea for an ?anchor text??
4. What kinds of personal connections will you be making? What stories will you tell?
5. What do you see as your biggest strength in writing a piece like this?
6. What do you see as your biggest obstacle in writing a piece like this?

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