The Marketing Environment

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What environmental factors have affected the types of costs in the airline industry after 2001? What specific tactics has Southwest deployed to blunt or exploit these environmental factors? How have these factors influenced Southwest Airline’s marketing strategy?
1. Must submit pdf format of all sources (with no page limit) that were used to prepare the project
2. Must use “Marketing: an Introduction” 12th edition book as one of the sources. Let me know if you need the PDF version of the book. It is a large 190mb file.
Lockton: internship opportunity
More options: [email protected]
Dr. Hank Boyd– 240-464-7768
What is marketing?
How is it practiced?
Where it all is headed?
1. Analyze needs of people who use social media
2. Identify who are your true customers
3. Estimate how many users there will be going forward
4. Calculate how many visitors will become subscribe
5. Predict when users will want to access Facebook
6. Determine where user reside and proximity to local clients and business (consider looming formats)
7. Estimate prices users are willing to pay (free service vs. membership)
8. Craft promotions – potential & actual users
9. Indentify existing rivals (mySpace, Friendster, Linkedin
10. New entrants (bebo, flixster, google+) pinpoint what they will offer, at what price
American marketing association
Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large (adopted oct 2007)
• Consumer Inputs
o Needs
o Wants
o Demand
Desired outcomes
1. Satisfaction
2. Value
Marketing Exchange Conditions
There must be at least 2 parties
Parties must have something of value
Parties must want to deal
Parties must be free to accept or reject
Parties must be able to communicate

Marketing Jargon
1. Abrogate: to abolish by authoritative action
2. Accost: confront someone
3. Aegis: protection
4. Asperity: harshness of tone/ sarcasm
5. Bagatelle: something to little value/ non-issue
6. Besmirch: damage the reputation of someone
7. Canard: un-founded rumor story
8. Chagrin
9. Cogent
10. Compensatory
11. Congenial
12. Dearth
13. Demur
14. Dilatory –slowness to act


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